Monday, January 7, 2013

New mummie? Feels like it all the time

Hi mummies or mummies to be or ' thinking of being a mummy'
Well this is my first blog and I will start by telling you all why I have decided to blog. The main reason being that I'm sure you all can relate .. Is that I am just fed up having the same old routine with the kids.. Wake up ,breakfast, cook, clean, feed, nappy change, feed, nappy change, breast feed and so on and so forth.... So I thought I'd put a little bit of excitement in my life and write a blog! Firstly I will tell you I have two children and they are the most wonderful of children(mmm she says). A girl two years old and a little boy 7 month old. I am on maternity leave for a year and will go back in may!!! Really dreading the ' going back' phase!
It really is hard being a mother and I must say as everyone says I never appreciated my mother until I became a mum! Well Il tell you about my children and my days with the kids .. Hectic days I should say in the next blog. Let me know what you guys think? Are you in the same shoes as I am? Any hints and tips to cope? Until next time my lovelies xxxx .... A mummy to two

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